MATH2040B - Linear Algebra II - 2022/23

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  • Welcome to the course! No tutorial in the first week. Here is the course outline: [Download file]
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General Information


  • Prof. Zhongtao WU
    • Office: LSB 216
    • Tel: 3943-8578
    • Email:

Teaching Assistant

  • Mr. Kam Fai CHAN
    • Office: LSB 232
    • Tel: 3943-5294
    • Email:
  • Mr. Haiyu CHEN
    • Office: AB1 614
    • Tel: 3943-4109
    • Email:

Time and Venue

  • Lecture: Mo 11:30AM - 1:15PM; We 1:30PM - 2:15PM, Y.C. Liang Hall 103
  • Tutorial: Mo 1:30PM - 2:15PM; We 12:30PM - 1:15PM, Y.C. Liang Hall 103

Course Description

This course is a continuation of Linear Algebra I (MATH 1030). It is a second course on linear algebra and will cover basic concepts of abstract vector spaces, linear transformations, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, diagonalizability, operators on inner product spaces, orthogonality and Gram-Schmidt process, adjoint, normal and self-adjoint operators, spectral theorems, and if time permits, quadratic forms and Jordan canonical forms. More emphasis will be put on the theoretical understanding of basic concepts in linear algebra.


  • Friedberg, Insel and Spence, Linear algebra, Pearson (4th edition)


  • Axler, Linear Algebra Done Right, 3rd edition, Springer

Lecture Notes

Tutorial Notes



Assessment Scheme

Homework  10%
Midterm 1 (February 22) 20%
Midterm 2 (March 29) 20%
Final Exam  50%

Honesty in Academic Work

The Chinese University of Hong Kong places very high importance on honesty in academic work submitted by students, and adopts a policy of zero tolerance on cheating and plagiarism. Any related offence will lead to disciplinary action including termination of studies at the University. Although cases of cheating or plagiarism are rare at the University, everyone should make himself / herself familiar with the content of the following website:

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Assessment Policy

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