Community Outreach

Mathematics has been driving scientific and technological innovation at an unprecedented rate. In the concrete jungle's hustle and bustle, many amazing mathematical species remain undiscovered, an untapped reservoir of enormous potential and applicability. Today's information society relies increasingly on mathematically sound constructions.

Outreach and engagement activities continue to be key elements of the Department’s mission. The Department aims to promote mathematics to the wider public and potential future mathematicians and scientists. Our work targets different audiences including secondary school students, teachers, as well as the general public. Not only can the Department foster positive relations with the community and local colleges/ high schools but these positive perceptions can also lead to increased enrollment, especially from talented students interested in pursuing degrees or continuing their education in Mathematics-related areas.

A committee in charge of the Department outreach activities has been established to further develop and efficiently coordinate outreach and engagement activities, which will help promote the Department and strengthen collaborative partnerships with the education sectors and our community.

Outreach Committee


Prof. Michael McBreen

Vice Chairman:

Dr. Kai Leung Chan


Prof. Kwok Wai Chan

Dr. Man Chuen Cheng

Prof. Renjun Duan

Dr. Lily Pan

Dr. Jingjing Xiao

Prof. Jun Zou

List of Outreach Activities

  • CUHK – TUYF Partnership Project
    The Department is grateful for the generous donations from The TUYF Charitable Trust since 2019, which have played a vital role in enabling our department to enhance and expand our outreach activities.

  • Enrichment Programme for Young Mathematics Talents (EPYMT)
    The Enrichment Programme for Young Mathematics Talents (EPYMT) was established in 2002 as a collaboration between the Department of Mathematics and The Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMS) at CUHK. It is designed for mathematically gifted secondary students enrolled in local schools. By providing university-level courses and a series of guest lectures during the summer, EPYMT broadens students' perspectives and helps them appreciate the elegance of mathematics beyond the standard curriculum. This longstanding summer program consistently attracts numerous top-tier secondary students each year.

  • Training Programme for Young Mathematics Talents
    Supported by The TUYF Charitable Trust, the Department of Mathematics at CUHK, CUHK Shenzhen Research Institute (SZRI) and the Office for Greater Bay Area Developments (GBAO) at CUHK have been jointly co-organizing the Training Programme for Young Mathematics Talents since 2023. It aims to offer enormous opportunities for the talents in the Greater Bay Area to broaden their horizons and unleash their potential in the field of science and innovation. (Click here for more information about the launching ceremony)

  • S.T. Yau High School Science Award (Asia)
    The S.T. Yau High School Science Award (Asia), is a research-based competition established in 2019. It is co-organized by the Hong Kong Academy of Sciences (ASHK), Yau Mathematical Sciences Centre of Tsinghua University, the Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMS) and the Department of Mathematics at CUHK. The competition targets secondary school students in Asia and emphasizes innovation, originality, creativity, and persistence in research activities. Its goal is to foster students' passion for scientific discovery, patience in investigation, and rigour in deliberation.

  • New Wave Mathematics
    The annual New Wave Mathematics public lectures present current topics of mathematical research in everyday language.

  • Effort and History
    The Department is dedicated to making a positive impact on the Society and the Public through our extensive outreach activities. We are committed to providing educational opportunities to the public by offering a wide range of courses and organizing exciting competitions and events. Building upon our past successes, we are determined to continue and expand our outreach efforts, reaching an even larger audience and making a lasting difference in the lives of students and teachers alike.