Past Opportunities

These institutions have provided us with summer research and internship positions, or held summer schools on mathematical topics. We are grateful that they have made a difference in the lives of our students who have been part of them.

  1. Caltech (in USA)
  2. Chinese University of Hong Kong
  3. Cornell University (in USA)
  4. Johns Hopkins Medical School (in USA)
  5. Oak Ridge National Laboratory (in USA)
  6. Shanghai Institute of Biological Sciences (in China)
  7. Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology (in China)
  8. University of Chicago (in USA)
  9. University of Delaware (in USA)
  10. University of California, Irvine (in USA)
  11. University of California, Los Angeles (in USA)
  12. University of Waterloo (in Canada)
  13. University System of Taiwan

Industrial internship opportunities

  1. Celestial Asia Securities Holdings Limited (CASH Group)
    • Research analyst in algorithmic trading team
    • Business development of mobile trading services

Educational internship opportunities

  1. Times Publishing (Hong Kong) Limited
    • Textbook editors
  2. Hong Kong Educational Publishing Company
    • Textbook editors
  3. CCC Mong Man Wai College (in Kwun Tong)
    • Classroom teaching positions
  4. Christ College (in Shatin)
    • Classroom teaching positions
  5. Li Kau Yan Memorial School (in Kowloon City)
    • Classroom teaching positions


  1. 2015 Summer school in MSC Tsinghua in Beijing
  2. 第13屆非線性偏微分方程暑期講習班及國際學術會議
  3. 2015 北京大學應用數學暑期學校
  4. 2015年全國數學暑期學校
  5. “一維雙曲守恆律及其應用” 上海暑期學校
  6. International Summer School on Scientific Computing
  7. 2015 HIT International Summer School on Pure and Applied Mathematics
  8. International Summer School on Brain-inspired Computer Vision – BICV 2015


  1. 2014-量子資訊與量子計算研究生暑期學校
  2. 2014年華東師範大學運算元代數暑期學校
  3. 青島海洋大學暑期討論辦招生
  4. 第十二屆非線性偏微分方程暑期講習班及學術會議
  5. 2014年度"北京大學應用數學暑期學校"
  6. Summer courses in MSC, Tsinghua University