Life in CUHK Mathematics

On G/F of Lady Shaw Building is the undergraduate mathematics common room. Being the headquarters of the current undergraduate math society, it is better known as the "society room". With a mini-library of mathematics books, comics and games, students go there during a break to relax and chat. It also sells uniforms – no, that's a joke – math-themed hoodies or T-shirts designed to evoke a sense of belonging.

The computing laboratory in 2/F brims with activity as students exchange ideas on mathematics among other things. When the laboratory is reserved, some of us migrate quietly to the nearby computer centre at Pi Ch'iu Building or the University Library. Both are within walking distance outside Lady Shaw Building and are open to all CUHK students.

Seminar rooms come in handy for teaching activities and meetings, including end-of-term parties. Apart from de-stressing before the final exams, these meetings double as staff-student consultation meetings that could send everyone laughing.

Yet one never waits that long for like-minded company. At student canteens in the main campus, you may spot our students and staff enjoying their tea break at around 4 o'clock.