This page lists departmental undergraduate scholarships. For departmental postgraduate scholarships, please refer to the page of Financial Aid.

For more scholarships, students may consult the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, the Faculty of Science and colleges. From time to time, departmental and university emails may announce scholarships open for application.

List of Scholarships

1978 Mathematics Alumus Li Sze-lim Scholarships

Department of Mathematics Exemplary Student Award

Heung To Educational Fund Mathematics Scholarships

Ju-Tang Chu Mathematics Scholarship

Mathematics Alumni Foundation Scholarship

Mathematics Scholarship

Mr. Yan-Ding Poon Mathematics Scholarship

Professor Hing-Sun Luk Scholarship for Mathematics

Professor Salaff Mathematics Scholarship

Student Development Scholarship for Mathematics Undergraduates

Tsou Shou Town Undergraduate Scholarship with Best Performance

TUYF Full Scholarships for Top Students from Southeast Asia

Undergraduate Mathematics Scholarship

Undergraduate Scholarship in Geometric Analysis

Dr. Chao Yong Chi-hsing Scholarship in Mathematics (Chung Chi College)

Chow Hing-Lun Mathematics Scholarship (Chung Chi College)

Chung Chi College Award for Mathematics Resident Students (Chung Chi College)

Chung Chi Mathematics Major Scholarship (Chung Chi College)

Chung Chi College Scholarship for Enrichment Mathematics Students (Chung Chi College)

Chung Chi Mathematics Scholarship for Outstanding Freshman (Chung Chi College)

Chung Chi Scholarship for Mathematics Education (Chung Chi College)

Chung Chi Traveling Award in Mathematics (Chung Chi College)

Bankee Kwan Mathematics Major Scholarship (Chung Chi College)

Bankee Kwan Scholarships for Interdisciplinary Mathematics (Chung Chi College)

Bankee Kwan Award for Mathematics Project (Chung Chi College)

Dr. Daisy Li Mathematics Award (New Asia College)

Dr S T Tsou Memorial Prizes (United College)

Dr Wong Yau Chuen Prize in Mathematics (United College)

Koo Ley Lan Scholarships (United College)

United College Alumni Mathematics Scholarship (United College)

Mathematics Study Monoid Prize in Mathematics (United College)

Alumni of Year 1973 Mathematics Scholarship (exhausted)

Alumni of Year 1982 Mathematics Scholarship (exhausted)

United College Alumni of Year 1970 Mathematics Scholarship (exhausted)