Minor in Mathematics

Although mathematics is used in many fields of study, we understand that not all students could commit to majoring in mathematics.

The Mathematics minor programme of study is designed for such students. Building upon a good mathematical foundation, it supports one’s further studies and professional development in a knowledge society.

We expect our students to be able to handle problems in a logical, sound and quantitatively efficient manner, typical of the mathematical sciences.

Study Scheme

Students are required to complete a minimum of 18 units of MATH courses, out of which at least 12 units of courses are at 3000 to 5000 level.

Knowledge and Comprehension

Students should have acquired the following knowledge:

  1. Calculus and/or linear algebra,
  2. Mathematical literacy in research, education, financial analysis, information technology, among other areas,
  3. Formulate and solve problems related to a particular profession.


Students will be able to:

  1. Comprehend university-level mathematical literature related to their own professional development;
  2. Be aware of real-world mathematical problems;
  3. Formulate and model such problems mathematically;
  4. Discuss mathematical models and ideas competently.

Values and Attitudes

Students who have completed the programme are expected to:

  1. Appreciate, advocate, and take advantage of quantitative and analytical thinking,
  2. Appreciate the contribution of mathematics to the qualitative sciences, and in turn, modern society.


Please declare your minor before or during your graduating term by following the steps below. Remember to check RES frequently for updates and the set period for declaring/changing/cancelling minors.

  1. Log in to MyCUHK > CUSIS and MyStudy > on left sidebar, CUSIS Services > Application for Program Change.
  2. Click Add New Application.
  3. Academic Career: select "Undergraduate".
  4. Form Action: select "Declare Minor".
  5. Minor Program To Declare: look up and select "Mathematics".
  6. Input all MATH courses taken to fulfil the Study Scheme requirements stated on this page.
  7. Check the form carefully and click Submit to confirm your application.
  8. After the deadline for minor declaration, repeat Step 1 to check the status of the application. (No student will be notified separately.) The declaration is successful if the application status is Approved.
  9. Click Confirm. Note that the timeframe for confirmation is at most one week after approval, so students are advised not to delay.

Note that students may declare up to three minors on CUSIS. Students who wish to declare Mathematics as their fourth minor should contact RES immediately.