BSc in Mathematics

The following details are for reference only. Students are advised to visit Undergraduate Student Handbook or CUSIS for the latest curriculum, which depends on the year of admission.

Programme Features

Students take the same mandatory fundamental courses in their first two years of study, and can choose from a wide range of courses according to their interests, abilities, and career aspirations.

We have designated five graduation pathways, or streams, as goals for different students. For students who focus on reaching their goals, a fulfilling and rewarding undergraduate journey awaits.

Prospective students are welcome to explore the Student Centre, where they can find academic advice, scholarship information and details about the COSINE program. Current students may also approach our academic advisors for enquiries.

Note that MATH streams are not mutually exclusive. There is no limit to the number of streams in which a MATH student can graduate.

Study Scheme

Students are required to complete the following courses:

  • 9 units of the Science Faculty Package in Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences, Statistics and Mathematics;
  • 35 units of fundamental Mathematics courses;
  • 27 units of elective courses

For details of the streams, please visit this page.

Science, Technology And Research Stream (STARS) [applicable to 2017-18 cohort]

In addition to fulfilling the above Major Programme Requirement, students meeting the criteria as specified by the Faculty of Science can take Science, Technology And Research Stream (STARS) offered by the Faculty.

Students are required to complete a minimum of 12 units of courses as follows:

1. Required Courses:

  • 3 units of the Science Faculty Package Course (Choose from the two remaining groups of the Faculty Package that have not been used to fulfill the Faculty Package Requirement) ;
  • 6 units of Research Courses;
  • 3 units of Seminar Courses

2. Experiential Learning:

  • At least 4 consecutive weeks of outside Hong Kong exposure