First-Year Mathematics Honours Scheme


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If you are a student attending the First Year Honours Scheme, please register yourself with the instructor / TA in class. You will then be enrolled into the FYHS Blackboard page to access some useful materials.


  1. To help first-year students prepare for MATH courses at the 1000 and 2000 level.
  2. To enhance an atmosphere that promotes the discussion of mathematics within the Department.


Time and venue.

  • First Semester: Mondays 1830-2015hrs, from Week 3 to Week 13, except public holidays. Venue: LSB LT1, except on Nov 21 at TYW LT.
  • Second Semester: Mondays 1830-2015hrs, from Week 2 to Week 13, except public holidays and reading week. Venue: LSB LT1.

Target audience: All students admitted from DSE to CUHK in 2022 who intend to graduate with major in mathematics.


  • First Semester: Foundational topics (or old `school maths' topics) which bridge the DSE to MATH1010, MATH1030, MATH1050 and MATH2010, such as:
    • Absolute values,
    • Solving inequalities, and deducing `simple' inequalities,
    • Trigonometry,
    • Mathematical induction,
    • Binomial Theorem,
    • Polynomials and rational functions,
    • Complex numbers.
  • Second Semester: Miscellaneous topics which bridge MATH1010, MATH1030, MATH1050 to MATH2010, MATH2020, MATH2040, MATH2050, MATH2060, MATH2070, MATH2230.

Online learning resources.

Frequently Asked Questions.


The First Year Honours Scheme is intended for first-year students from the DSE who intend to graduate in MATH.


Since the inception of the DSE in 2012, the department has been alerted of the growing challenges that MATH students from DSE are faced in the transition from DSE-level `school maths' to the beginning MATH courses.

The First Year Honours Scheme is set up to help first-year MATH major students bridge the widening gap between DSE-level `school maths' and the beginning MATH courses.


It is aimed at all MATH students. It covers old `school maths' topics relevant to MATH students which are inadequately covered in the DSE maths syllabus but which are taken for granted in all level-1000 and 2000 MATH required courses for MATH students.


First Semester: absolute value, solving inequalities, deducing simple inequalities, mathematical induction, binomial theorem, complex numbers, polynomials, trigonometric functions.

Second Semester: to be announced.


Participation in the activities of the First Year Honours Scheme is voluntary.


The answer is `yes' and `no'.

It is indeed true that you need to spend some time to come for the classes and to spend some effort to work on the exercises.

However, we are sure you will find the time and effort well spent.

The selected topics for the First Year Honours Scheme in the First Semester are the `preparatory material' for all level-1000 and 2000 MATH required courses. They are used without comment in these courses, and are very often where MATH major students struggle in these courses.

So by participating in the activities of the First Year Honours Scheme, you will probably save in the First Semester and beyond, the time and effort that students who don't participate would waste in the struggle.


All MATH students are eligible for joining the acitivities of the First Year Honours Scheme.

However, if you are from the Gaokao, GCE A-levels, AP, ... , you will most likely find the activities of the scheme not very useful for you, because the topics dealt with in the scheme have been well-covered in your school days.


First of all, unless you plan to read for a second-major in MATH (and therefore have to take the proof-type MATH courses), the material covered by First Year Honours Scheme is not necessary for your study.

Some material provided by the First Year Honours Scheme is open to ALL CUHK students.

However, priority will be given to MATH students in activities for which our resources are limited.