Transfer into Math

Students who apply for transfer should have satisfied at least one of the following minimum conditions:

  1. Having taken course(s) of at least 6 units with an average grade of not less than B that would count towards the major requirements of the programme; or
  2. Having admission WGPA score (e.g. HKDSE) of the student must be better than the student at the lowest 10% who had been successfully admitted to the programme concerned in the same year that s/he was first admitted to the University; or
  3. Having attained a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above in the current academic year.

On or before the date prescribed by CUHK RES (search "change of major"), students MUST submit the "change of major" e-Application form under CUSIS (Program Change), indicating fulfilment of at least one of the conditions listed above, and upload their public examination report card and/or unofficial transcript for our reference.

CUHK RES has a detailed system walkthrough for change of major under CUSIS (click CUSIS on the top menu bar).

Students admitted under broad-based programmes (e.g. Sciences, Engineering, etc.) MUST submit the hardcopy application form (from the CUHK RES counter in 10/F and 11/F, Yasumoto International Academic Park) in person to our department for change of major. They cannot apply via CUSIS since they have not yet declared/registered their major programme.

Interview and Advising

Besides the above procedure, an applicant may need to attend an interview. In fact, long before you apply for transfer, as long as you are seriously considering a transfer, you are encouraged to contact our department and arrange an advising meeting. This will be helpful for your course planning and a smooth transfer may be possible. In some cases, the interview may be exempted if sufficient advising had been done.