Alumni in Academia

English Name Degrees obtained Current and previous positions
Thomas Kwok Keung AU BSc (CUHK, 1982), PhD (UCSD, 1990) Retired Associate Professor & Former Associate Dean of Science & Lecturer (CUHK)
Zheng-Jian BAI BSc (Yantai Normal University, 1998), MSc (Ocean University of Qingdao, 2001), PhD (CUHK, 2004) Professor (Xiamen University)
Jian-Feng CAI BSc (Fudan University, 2000), MSc (Fudan University, 2004), PhD (CUHK, 2007) Professor (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
Yalong CAO BEng (Tsinghua University, 2011), MPhil (CUHK, 2013), PhD (CUHK, 2016) Project Researcher (University of Tokyo)
Hiu Ning CHAN BSc (HKU, 2009), MSc (CUHK, 2010), MPhil (CUHK, 2012), PhD (HKU, 2016) Lecturer (CUHK)
Raymond Hon Fu CHAN BSc (CUHK, 1980), PhD (New York University, 1985) Vice-President (Student Affairs) & Chair Professor (City University of Hong Kong)
Hardy Hon To CHAN BSc (CUHK, 2010), MPhil (CUHK, 2012), PhD (University of British Columbia, 2018) Postdoctoral Fellow (ETH Zurich)
Kai Leung CHAN BSc (CUHK, 2005), M.Phil (CUHK, 2007), PhD (CUHK, 2013) Lecturer (CUHK)
Kung Sik CHAN BSc (CUHK, 1980), MSc (Princeton University, 1982), PhD (Princeton University, 1986) Robert V. Hogg Professor (University of Iowa)
Kwok Wai CHAN BSc (CUHK, 2002), MPhil (CUHK, 2004), PhD (CUHK, 2008) Associate Professor (CUHK)
Ngai Hang CHAN BSc (CUHK, 1981), PhD (University of Maryland, College Park, 1985) Choh-Ming Li Professor of Statistics (CUHK)
Samuel Wai Kwong CHAN BSc (CUHK, 1982), MPhil (CUHK), PhD (University of New South Wales) Professor of Supply Chain and Information Management (Hang Seng University of Hong Kong)
Binglong CHEN BSc (Sun Yat-Sen University, 1996), PhD (CUHK, 2003) Professor (Sun Yat-Sen University)
Chao CHEN BSc (Wuhan University, 2007), MPhil (CUHK, 2009), PhD (CUHK, 2012) Assistant Professor (Fujian Normal University)
Yong CHEN PhD (CUHK, 2002) Lecturer (Jiangsu Normal University)
Yunxia CHEN BSc (Wuhan University, 2008), MPhil (CUHK, 2010), PhD (CUHK, 2013) Associate Professor (East China University of Science and Technology)
Man Chuen CHENG BSc (CUHK, 2004), MPhil (CUHK, 2006), PhD (Stanford University, 2011) Lecturer (CUHK)
Shiu Yuen CHENG BSc (CUHK, 1970), PhD (University of California, Berkeley, 1974) Professor Emeritus (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Professor (Tsinghua University)
Ting CHENG BSc (Central China Normal University, 1994), MSc (Central China Normal University, 2001), PhD (CUHK, 2004) Associate Professor (Central China Normal University)
Ka Luen CHEUNG BSc (CUHK, 1986) MPhil (CUHK, 1988), PhD (CUHK, 2003) Assistant Professor (Education University of Hong Kong)
Leo Kam Ching CHEUNG BSc (CUHK, 1986), MPhil (CUHK, 1988), PhD (University of Sussex, 1993) Professor (CUHK)
Leung Fu CHEUNG BSc (CUHK, 1982), MPhil (CUHK, 1984), PhD (University of Bonn, 1990) Lecturer (CUHK)
Man Wah CHEUNG BSc (CUHK, 2005), MPhil (CUHK, 2007), PhD (University of Wisconsin–Madison, 2015) Associate Professor (Shanghai University of Finance & Economics)
Man Wai CHEUNG BSc (CUHK, 2008), PhD (University of California, San Diego, 2016) Member (The Institute of Advanced Study)
Tony Siu Wun CHEUNG BSc (CUHK, 2014), MPhil (CUHK, 2016), PhD (Texas A&M University, 2020) Postdoctoral Research Scientist (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
Wing Sum CHEUNG BSc (CUHK, 1978), MPhil (CUHK, 1980), PhD (Harvard University, 1985) Professor (University of Hong Kong)
Stephen Yan Leung CHEUNG BSc (CUHK, 1982), PhD (University of Paris VI, 1985), PhD (University of Strathclyde, 1993) President (Education University of Hong Kong)
Man Duen CHOI BSc (CUHK, 1967), MSc (University of Toronto, 1970), PhD (University of Toronto, 1973) Professor Emeritus (University of Toronto)
Kai Seng CHOU BSc (CUHK, 1977), MPhil (CUHK, 1979), PhD (New York University, 1983) Retired Professor & Lecturer (CUHK)
Hing Lun CHOW BSc (CUHK) Retired (CUHK)
Mo Suk CHOW BSc (CUHK, 1978), MSc (Cornell University, 1981), PhD (Cornell University, 1983) Research Professor of Statistics (Pennsylvania State University)
Yat Tin CHOW BSc (CUHK, 2009), MPhil (CUHK, 2011), PhD (CUHK, 2015) Assistant Professor (University of California, Riverside)
Cho Ho CHU BSc (CUHK, 1970), PhD (University of Wales, 1973) Emeritus Professor of Mathematics (Queen Mary University of London)
I-Ping CHU BSc (CUHK, 1976), PhD (State University of New York at Stony Brook, 1981) Associate Professor (DePaul University)
Eric Tsz Shun CHUNG BSc (CUHK, 1998), MPhil(CUHK, 2000), PhD (UCLA, 2005) Professor (CUHK)
Qirong DENG BSc (Guangxi Normal University, 1984), MPhil (Yunnan University, 1987), PhD (CUHK, 2005) Professor (Fujian Normal University)
Xinhan DONG BSc (Hunan Normal University, 1981), MPhil (Jiangxi Normal University, 1985), PhD (CUHK, 2002) Professor (Hunan Normal University)
Yiqiu DONG BSc (Yantai University, 2002), PhD (Peking University & CUHK, 2007) Associate Professor (Technical University of Denmark)
Shizhong DU BSc (Sun Yat-Sen University, 2000), MPhil (CUHK, 2003), PhD (CUHK, 2008) Associate Professor (Shantou University)
Ben DUAN BSc (Jilin University, 2005), MPhil (CUHK, 2007), PhD (CUHK, 2010) Professor (Dalian University of Technology)
Qin DUAN BSc (Xiamen University, 2004), MPhil (CUHK, 2008), PhD (CUHK, 2011) Associate Professor (ShenZhen University)
Edward Sin Tsun FAN BSc (CUHK, 2007), MPhil (CUHK, 2009) PhD (California Institute of Technology) Tamarkin Assistant Professor (Brown University)
Louis Wai Tong FAN BSc (CUHK, 2003), MPhil (HKUST, 2005), PhD (University of Washington-Seattle, 2014) Assistant Professor & Adjunct Professor (Indiana University)
Xu-Qian FAN BSc (Hunan Normal University), MPhil (CUHK), PhD (CUHK, 2004) Associate Professor (Jinan University)
Chi Kwong FOK BSc (CUHK, 2007), PhD (Cornell University, 2014) Visiting Assistant Professor (NYU Shanghai)
Duncan King Hoi FONG BSc (CUHK, 1979), MSc (Purdue University, 1984), PhD (Purdue University, 1987) Professor of Marketing (The Pennsylvania State University)
Cheuk Yan FUNG BSc (CUHK, 2020), MPhil (HKUST, 2022)
Bao Zhu GUO BSc (Shanxi University, 1982), MSc (Chinese Academy of Science, 1984), PhD (CUHK, 1991) Research Professor (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Zhenhua GUO BSc (Central China Normal University, 1994), MPhil (Central China Normal University, 1997), PhD (CUHK, 2003) Professor (Northwest University (China))
Xinggang HE BSc (Wuhan University, 1983), MPhil (Fudan University, 1989), PhD (CUHK, 2001) Professor (Central China Normal University)