Lecture 29


When Mathematics Meets A.I.

  • 講者:雷樂銘教授 香港中文大學 數學系
  • 日期:2020年2月29日(星期六)
  • 時間:上午 10:30 至 中午 12:00
  • 地點:香港中文大學 利黃瑤璧樓 一號演講廳 (map)
  • 延期舉行​
    Postponed until further notice

  • 語言:以粵語為主


人工智能的浪潮正在席卷全球,從車牌識別、人臉辨識、圖像處理到自動駕駛,我們在日常生活中都使用到人工智能技術。近年來,得益於數據的增多以及計算能力的增強,大家都開始關注到一個嶄新的研究領域:深度學習(Deep learning)。深度學習以神經網絡(Neural network)為主要模型,在多個範疇都取得了廣泛的成功。數學與深度學習息息相關,把嚴謹的數學工具加入深度學習模型,不但能大大加強其應用能力及準確性,也能加快其運算時間。另一方面,深度學習方法亦幫助解決很多數學問題。當數學遇上了人工智能,他們會擦出甚麼火花?我們將一起探討數學和人工智能怎樣一起處理不同的日常生活問題,包括圖像處理、醫學問題、3D 成像及分析等。

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has become more and more popular with wide range of applications in our daily life, such as license plate recognition, facial recognition, image processing as well as driverless car. With the advances of computational techniques and the availability of big data, a new emerging field, called the deep learning, has attracted much attention in recent years. Deep learning, which is based on neural networks, has achieved great success in broad areas. Mathematics and deep learning are closely related to each others. Incorporating mathematical tools with deep learning techniques can effectively enhance the practicality, accuracy and efficiency. On the other hand, deep learning techniques can be useful to solve challenging mathematical problems. What will happen when "Mathematics" meets "A.I."?

In this talk, we will explore how "Mathematics" and "A.I." can work together to solve real-life problems, including image processing, medical sciences, 3D imaging and analysis.

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