Undergraduate mathematics may not suffice in the face of new problems and challenges in many industries. By offering research and taught postgraduate programmes, we provide them with professional and innovative problem solvers competent in analyzing and developing sophisticated mathematical tools:

  1. Research programmes:

Note that the MPhil-PhD track may be articulated. This means that promising MPhil students may be offered to begin their PhD studies earlier than expected.

  1. Taught programme:

Our students can advance well from BSc to PhD, emerging as world-class mathematicians. Many of our graduates have obtained financial assistance to complete their PhD studies at renowned universities. Students who do well in mathematics can obtain a Master's degree or PhD with full financial support.

You may learn about the initial jobs of our PhD graduates at PhD Careers. A PhD degree in mathematics prepares you for a career in academia and industry, including banking, consulting and management, reshaping the 21st century.