MPhil in Mathematics

Coursework Requirement

  • Lecture courses: at least 15 units (5 courses) from MATH5000 and 6000 level, of which:

    1. at least 3 units should be from courses coded MATH5011, 5031, 5051; and
    2. at least 6 units should be from courses coded MATH5000 level.

    (Exemption may be granted by the Graduate Panel with the recommendation of the advisor.)

  • Thesis research:
    • (Full-time students) 6 units each term from MATH8006
    • (Part-time students) 3 units each term from MATH8003
  • Graduate seminar: minimum 6 units from MATH7400

Thesis Proposal and Oral Defense

Students are required to submit a research thesis and pass an oral examination for graduation.

Minimum Unit Requirement for Graduation

  • (Full-time students) 45 units
  • (Part-time students) 39 units