Second Major in Mathematics

The new undergraduate curriculum offers an extra year for many students to pursue a second major in Mathematics. A single degree indicating two majors will be awarded, the degree being that of the first major. Programmes that have already incorporated sufficient mathematics content will not be eligible to make mathematics a second major. These programmes include BEng Mathematics and Information Engineering and BEd Mathematics and Mathematics Education. Enquiries should be directed to Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Education correspondingly.

Students with their second major intention endorsed by the Department of Mathematics are eligible for all benefits of mathematics major including scholarships, internships, outgoing research, and other opportunities, together with students from BEng Mathematics and Information Engineering and BEd Mathematics and Mathematics Education. However the prioirty of all these students will be lower than all students with first major in Mathematics.


Students who wish to declare a double major must complete the requirements of both majors within the normal period of study and attain the required cumulative grade point average (CGPA).

Students are advised to search for "second major" in CUHK RES for the most updated procedures, and the application period applicable to the current academic year.

  1. With the approval of the first major department and ours, students may declare a second major in Mathematics at the start of the last term of attendance within the normative study period.
  2. Students can make inquiries to us and express in writing the intention of declaring the second major at least one term before registration of the second major.
    • The Department of Mathematics will only consider second major intention from students who have completed 33 units according to the following
      • Science Faculty Package (9 units)
      • MATH1010, 1030, 1050, 2010, 2020, 2040, 2050, 2070, 2230 (additional 24 units)
    • Historically, to complete the above, students with intention for second major in Mathematics at least needed 2.5 years including well use of summer courses.
    • The letter of intention should demonstrate an academic plan to complete the second major. The academic plan will be judged with reference to previous academic result.
  3. Before making the declaration, students must have attained a CGPA of 3.0 or above in all the courses taken before the last term of attendance. Students must also have completed/registered for all course requirements for graduation purposes in the first major (including Faculty/University/College requirements) at the time the declaration of second major is made.
  4. The application form for "Declaration of a Second Major" is obtainable from CUHK RES within the add/drop period of each term. Students permitted to declare a second major should submit the approved form to RES by the close of the application period listed in CUHK RES.
  5. Students who have declared double major and cannot complete the requirements of the first or second major within the normative study period will be charged a prescribed fee for the remaining units of courses according to the fee schedule on the CUHK RES homepage.