New Wave Mathematics

To the general public, mathematics seems to be the drill of using the calculator correctly, writing each step correctly, and getting the answer correctly. If that is all to mathematics, it won’t be surprising that after the public exams, many forget the subject completely.

What keeps us going? Why do mathematical research? Either we're chasing the wind, or the popular perception of mathematics has a gap. The annual New Wave Mathematics public lectures are here to close that gap.

Every year, usually in March, a teacher-researcher of ours unravels the mathematics behind the modern world:

  • How do scientists analyse the most basic blocks of space, time and matter?
  • What protects our sensitive information over the Internet, and how safe are those measures?
  • How do we capture information about chronic, degenerative, and epidemic diseases?
  • What systematic, proven strategies must we master to profit from financial markets?

We address these real-life problems, and more.

We welcome secondary school teachers and students, preferably F.4 or above and taking Mathematics Extended Part Module 2, to join us in discovering mathematics as much an art as it is a science.

Campus shuttle bus may be provided for lecture theatres distant from the MTR station. Contact us if you or your school has any questions. We look forward to seeing you at the next New Wave Mathematics lecture.

Upcoming Lectures

Lecture Topic
29 當數學遇上人工智能

Past Lectures

Lecture Topic
28 卡拉比-丘空間的幾何與物理
27 摺紙和數學
26 S曲線上的旅行
25 幾何分析:從肥皂泡到黑洞
24 扭轉乾坤!漫談「掛谷猜想」
23 論弦 . 論幾何
22 運輸中的數學 : 從諾貝爾獎到微分幾何
21 醫者數學心: 微分幾何與醫學影像
20 數學與哈利波特的隱形斗篷!
19 奇妙的質數
18 幾何神奇:妙用理、工、醫
17 超弦理論及丘空間
16 諾貝爾獎中的數學:零風險投資?
15 從 Google 到 BitTorrent ─ 當數學遇上互聯網
14 「肥皂膜,肥皂泡,幾何」
13 從歐基里德(Euclid)談起
12 圖像處理中的數學 - 矩陣之應用
11 從『破碎』中看動力
10 『數』中自有黃金屋 - 7個總值 7百萬美元的數學問題
9 小道亦可觀 - 肥皂泡的數學
8 線性規劃 - 財經與管理 - 少個香爐多隻鬼
7 丘成桐教授傑出公開講座:香港的數學—面對二十一世紀的挑戰
6 1001?10 : 編碼理論
5 Fractal Geometry
4 Knots Theory
3 Chaos
2 Image Processing
1 18,446,744,073,709,551,617 and secret code