Prof. Martin Man Chun LI

Assistant Professor
BSc (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
PhD (Stanford University)

Prof. Martin Man Chun LI
Room 236, Lady Shaw Building,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong,
Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong

(852) 3943 1851

Fields of Interest:
Free Boundary Problems for Minimal Surfaces, Almgren-Pitts Min-max Theory, Geometric Measure Theory, Extremal Eigenvalue Problems, Geometry of Positively Curved Spaces, Positive Mass Theorems and Mathematical Relativity, Self-shrinkers in Mean Curvature Flow, Gluing Constructions and Geometric Partial Differential Equations

Selected Publications:



Course Code Course Title Academic Year Term
MATH2040A Linear Algebra II 2017/18 1
MATH4030 Differential Geometry 2017/18 1
MATH1030F Linear Algebra I 2017/18 2