MATH6022B - Topics in Geometry II - 2021/22

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  • LI Man-chun Martin
    • Office: LSB 236
    • Tel: 3943-1851
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    • Office Hours: By appointment

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  • Lecture: Thur 3:30-6:15PM at LSB 219

Course Description

This is a graduate level topics course on geometry. This term we will focus on the geometric aspects of mathematical general relativity. Many problems in general relativity are essentially geometric in nature, in the sense that they can be understood in terms of Riemannian geometry and partial differential equations. This course will be centered around the study of mass in general relativity using the techniques of geometric analysis. More specifically, we will give an overview of the positive mass theorem and other related results such as Penrose inequality, drawing on a variety of tools used in this area of research, including minimal hypersurfaces, conformal geometry, inverse mean curvature flow, conformal flow, spinors and the Dirac operator, marginally outer trapped surfaces, and density theorems. We shall assume as prerequisite a working understanding of Riemannian Geometry (at the level of MATH5061), as well as basic knowledge on elliptic partial differential equations (at the level of MATH5022). In particular, prior exposure to general relativity is helpful but not absolutely required.


  • "Geometric Relativity" by Dan A. Lee, AMS Graduate Studies in Mathematics Vol. 201

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Final Essay & Presentation 100%

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