I am an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. My research interests are in geometric analysis and mathematical relativity. More specifically, my work involves minimal surfaces, geometric flows and geometric free boundary problems.

This semester (2017-18 Spring) I am teaching the following courses:

Graduate students and postdocs I have mentored / am mentoring:

  • Chai Xiaoxiang (PhD)
  • Chau Chi Fai (MPhil) - graduated in 2017
  • Chen Shanjiang (PhD)
  • Yohsuke Imagi (Postdoc)


  • PhD in Mathematics, Stanford University (advisor: Prof. Richard Schoen)
    • Thesis title: On a free boundary problem for embedded minimal surfaces and instability theorems for manifolds with positive isotropic curvature
  • BSc in Mathematics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (first class honour, minor in physics and economics)

Working experience

  • 2014-now, Assistant Professor at The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • 2013-15, Postdoc fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (advisor: Prof. Tobias Colding and Prof. William Minicozzi)
  • 2011-13, Postdoc fellow at The University of British Columbia (advisor: Prof. Ailana Fraser)


  • CUHK Direct Grant 2017/18
  • CUHK Research Summit Series 2017/18
  • RGC GRF Grant 2016/17
  • CUHK Direct Grant 2015/16
  • RGC ECS Grant 2015/16
  • CUHK Direct Grant 2014/15
  • Croucher Foundation Fellowship 2013
  • Postdoctoral Travel Award 2013
  • Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fellowship for Overseas Studies 2006
  • Sir Edward Youde Memorial Scholarship 2004, 2005
  • Dr. Daisy Li Mathematics Prize 2003
  • University Award for Academic Excellence 2002

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