Prof. Chi Wai LEUNG

Senior Lecturer
BSc, MPhil (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
PhD (The University of Manchester)

Prof. Chi Wai LEUNG
Room 233, Lady Shaw Building,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong,
Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong

(852) 3943 7956

Fields of Interest:
Abstract harmonic analysis, Banach space theroy, Operator algebra

  1. Selected Publications:
  1. Regularity of certain commutative Banach rings. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, Vol 517. No.1 (2023) Paper No. 126589 (with Cheuk-Yin Lee).

  2. Orthogonality relations on certain homogeneous spaces, Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. Vol 150 no.3 (2022) 1115-1126.

  3. Analytic bundle structure on the idempotent manifold, Monatsh. Math. 196 (2021), no. 1, 103–133, (with Chi-Keung Ng).

  4. On a variant of Tingley's problem for some function spaces, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, Vol 496 (2021), no. 1. Paper No. 124800, 16 pp. (with Chi-Keung Ng and Nagi-Ching Wong).

  5. Berkovich spectra of elements in Banach rings, Journal of Number Theory, Vol 195 (2019), 184-216, (with Chi-Keung Ng).

  6. Metric preserving bijections between positive spherical shells of non-commutative Lp -spaces, Journal of Operator Theory, Vol 80, no. 2 (2018), 429-452, (with Chi-Keung Ng and Nagi-Ching Wong).

  7. Spectra of commutative non-unital Banach rings, Advances in ultrametric analysis, Contemp. Math, 704, American Mathematical Society, (2018), 91-109, (with Chi-Keung Ng).

  8. The topology on Berkovich affine lines over complete valuation rings, The Quarterly Journal of Mathematics, Vol 68, no. 4, (2017) 1163-1180, (with Chi-Keung Ng).

  9. The positive contractive part of noncommutative Lp-space is a complete Jordan invariant, Linear Algebra and its Applications, Vol 519 (2017) 102-110, (with Chi-Keung Ng and Ngai-Ching Wong).

  10. Norm-attaining property for a dual pair of Banach Spaces, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, Vol 445 (2017) 556-563, (with Cheuk-Yin Lee).

Honours and Awards:
  • Faculty Exemplary Teaching Award