MATH3060 - Mathematical Analysis III - 2018/19

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  • Course outline [Download file]
  • There is no tutorial in the first week.
  • There is only one tutorial section at W1 in the second week.
  • The second section of tutorial class will be held at MMW 704, Mong M W Building beginning from Sept. 19 at W3.
  • The midterm exam will be held on F2,3, Oct. 19.
  • There will be no tutorials on Sept 26.
  • Revised Chapter 1 uploaded. Some typos corrected.
  • Midterm will be held on F2,3, Oct 19.
  • Midterm covers Chapters 1 and 2.
  • A tutorial class will be held on F3 Oct 12. We will go over Ex 5.
  • Revised Chapter 2 uploaded. Elementary inequalites have been added.
  • Special office hours 10 to 12 noon, Oct 15 Mon.
  • My office is at Rm 223 now.
  • Assignment 6 will be posted next week.
  • You may come to my office (Rm 223) to take a look at your midterm paper or send me an email if you only want to know the score. I will be available on the mornings of M, W and F.
  • The tutorial on W3 will be moved to Rm 219 conducted by me from Nov. 3..
  • Revised Chapter 3 uploaded with details added.
  • Selection solutions to the midterm exam has been posted.
  • Revised Chapter 3 uploaded after adding more details.
  • Final exam will cover Chapters 2-4 of the lecture notes.
  • I have uploaded a proof of the existence of a basis for a general vector space (from some old notes).
  • A special tutorial will be held from 2:30-3:30 at LT4 on Dec 3. All are welcome.
  • The venue of the special tutorial has been changed to LT5.

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