Lecture 2

Image Processing

We are happy to announce the second instalment of the lecture series New Wave mathematics in April, 1995 at the Chinese University of HK. Also we'd like to take this opportunity to thank your enthusiastic support to make our inaugural activity of New Wave Mathematics on January 28 a very successful one. In the first activity, 790 students from 67 school responded and would like to enroll in the activity. Due to the limitation of facilities and time, we could only accommodate 330 students and teachers from 26 schools. The feedback from the first activity confirms our belief that the format of a lecture together with an experiment session at our computer laboratory best demonstrates to the students the powerful interactions of mathematical theories and high speed computations.

The theme of the second activity will be on Imaging Processing. This is most appropriate as we are entering the age of information so that everybody will be connected by the Information Superhighway. To deliver the signals and images to people in real time is an extremely challenging problem both in terms of hardware and software. Very sophisticated mathematical methods and algorithms are required to deal with the problems of signal and image processing. In the activity on May 13 we'll concentrate on the aspect of deblurring an image which has extremely important applications in commerce, entertainment industry, medicine and defense. Dr. Raymond Chan of the Mathematics Department will deliver a 1-hour talk explaining the fundamental mathematical principles in deblurring an image and he'll demonstrate during the lecture of actually deblurring a picture using a computer workstation. In the laboratory practice session, the students will have a chance to get their hands on deblurring a picture to strengthen their understanding of the mathematical principles and algorithms in deblurring.

  • Speaker: Dr. Raymond Chan (Mathematics Department, CUHK)
  • Date: May 13 (Sat), 1995
  • Time: 10:00 - 11:00a.m. and 2:00 - 3:00p.m.
  • Veune: LT1, Lady Shaw Building, CUHK
  • Language: Cantonese