Lecture 5

Fractal Geometry

The theme of the fifth lecture is Fractal Geometry. We know that most of the natural phenomena and objects are very irregular, e.g. the edge of a leaf, the coastal line of England, a piece of cloud, or a stock index curve. Is there any systematic way to study these? The fractal geometry is a new science for this purpose and it has a great impact on the recent development of mathematics and many other branches in sciences. In this lecture we will introduce some aspects of fractals, using some very basic mathematics like matrices, linear algebra and probability. Also we will explain how it can be used for data compression in communication engineering.

In order to accommodate more people to use the facilities in our computer laboratory, we schedule several laboratory practice sessions. For those who are not using the laboratory facilities they'll be entertained by activities such as a tour around the campus and a Q&A session so that the students and teachers can also take this opportunity to learn of the new developments of the Chinese University and the Mathematics Department. Therefore, allow yourself two and half hours for the lecture, laboratory session, the tour and the Q&A session.

  • Speaker: Prof. Ka-Sing Lau (Mathematics Department, CUHK)
  • Date: November 23 (Saturday), 1996
  • Time: 10:00 - 11:00a.m. and 2:00 - 3:00p.m.
  • Veune: LT1, Lady Shaw Building, CUHK
  • Language: Cantonese

Application: Please return the reply slip before the end of October indicating your prefered session and the number of visitors from your school. If you have any inquiry, please call Ms. Serena Yip at 2609-7729.