Student Development Scholarship for Mathematics Undergraduates

The scholarship is set up for student development. For example, it can be used to subsidize students who participate in internship/research/exchange programmes organized by our department or other units, and to support students who organize activities that benefit the student body and/or the community.

  • At most 8 scholarships can be awarded every year. Each award carries no more than HK$8,000, and the total amount awarded every year is no more than HK$40,000. Departmental funding will be used to support these scholarships.
  • Selection is based primarily on academic merit and financial need.
  • The scholarships will only be granted to students who are MATH majors.
  • This scholarship is open for application for undergraduate students who are MATH majors. Nominations will also be sought among members of the Board of Mathematics.
  • The Scholarship Committee will consider all the applications and nominations case by case, and make the final decisions.