Undergraduate Mathematics Scholarship

  • A maximal number of 23 scholarships will be awarded every academic year: 13 scholarships of HK$10,000 each and 10 scholarships of HK$8,000 each, for MATH or MAIE majors of 2nd year or above (with at most 2 out of these 23 scholarships for MAIE majors). Departmental funding will be used to support these scholarships.
  • Selection is based primarily on academic performance in the entire preceding academic year.
  • The scholarships will only be granted to
    1. students who are MATH or MAIE majors for the current and the entire preceding academic years, or
    2. students who are MATH majors for the current year and have completed at least 6 units of MATH courses in the previous years.
  • The scholarship amount will be deducted accordingly if a recipient has received at least one other scholarship from the Department of Mathematics.