Heung To Educational Fund Mathematics Scholarships

The Heung To Educational Fund Limited made donations to the Department in 2004 and 2011. The capital and interest/income generated from the fund have been used to award this scholarship since 2005-06. The scholarships recognize the best students majoring in Mathematics and encourage their participation in academic activities in the mainland. They also recognize the best students who major in Mathematics and are from the mainland.

  • The scholarships are awarded to two undergraduate students who has majored in Mathematics for at least one year. The amount of the scholarship is HK$10,000 for each student.
  • The recipients will be selected by the Department of Mathematics on the basis of academic merit. The recipients should have attained cumulative major GPA 3.3 or above. Students who have participated or plan to participate in academic activities in Mathematics in the mainland will be given first priority; students from the mainland will be given second priority.