Wrapped Floer Homology of Real Lagrangians and Volume Growth of Fibered Twists

Thursday, 25 January, 2018 - 10:30 - 11:30
AB1 502A
Seminar Type: 
Joint Geometric Analysis Seminar (Part of MIST 2018 Seminar Series)
Speaker Name: 
Mr. Joon Tae KIM
Seoul National University

Fibered twists are certain symplectomorphisms that can be defined on a Liouville domain whose boundary has a periodic Reeb flow. We investigate an entropy-type invariant, called the slow volume growth, of the component of fibered twists and give a uniform lower bound of the growth using wrapped Floer homology. We apply our results to examples from real symplectic manifolds. They admit so-called real Lagrangians, and we compute wrapped Floer homology using Morse-Bott techniques. This is joint work with Myeonggi Kwon and Junyoung Lee.