Academic Visitors

Every year, scholars from different parts of the world come to our Department and the Institute of Mathematical Sciences. Their active participation and provision of expertise in our seminars, courses and other academic events have contributed substantially to our Department’s research and academic programmes.

Duration Name Affiliation Host
2019-05-03 to 2019-06-30 Dr. Xu LI Zhejiang University Prof. Tieyong ZENG
2019-05-02 to 2019-05-09 Prof. Yangyang XU Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Prof. Tieyong ZENG
2019-04-22 to 2019-04-26 Prof. Bing LI South China University of Technology Prof. Dejun FENG
2019-04-18 to 2019-04-28 Professor Huo-Jun RUAN Zhejiang University Prof. Dejun FENG
2019-04-17 to 2019-05-31 Ms. Wen LIANG Beijing Jiaotong University Prof. Tieyong ZENG
2019-04-13 to 2019-06-10 Prof. Bong H. LIAN Brandeis University Prof. Zhongtao WU
2019-04-13 to 2019-05-07 Mr. Tony Siu Wun CHEUNG Texas A&M University Prof. Eric Tsz Shun CHUNG
2019-04-10 to 2019-04-14 Prof. Youlin LI Shanghai Jiao Tong University Prof. Zhongtao WU
2019-04-09 to 2019-04-11 Prof. Wei YUAN Sun Yat-sen University Prof. Guohuan QIU
2019-04-08 to 2019-04-17 Dr. Matthew YOUNG Max Planck Institute for Mathematics Prof. Conan Nai Chung LEUNG
2019-04-07 to 2019-04-12 Prof. Oscar Garcia-Prada Instituto de Ciencias Matemáticas Prof. Conan Nai Chung LEUNG
2019-04-01 to 2019-04-29 Prof. Esa JÄRVENPÄÄ University of Oulu Prof. Dejun FENG
2019-04-01 to 2019-04-29 Prof. Maarit Järvenpää University of Oulu Prof. Dejun FENG
2019-03-19 to 2019-03-20 Prof. Changzheng LI Sun Yat Sen University Prof. Kwok Wai CHAN
2019-03-12 to 2019-03-15 Prof. Chao ZHOU National Univeristy of Singapore Prof. Tieyong ZENG
2019-03-08 to 2019-03-17 Prof. Hui RAO Central China Normal University Prof. Dejun FENG
2019-03-05 to 2019-12-06 Prof. Changzheng LI Sun Yat Sen University Prof. Kwok Wai CHAN
2019-03-04 to 2019-03-25 Prof. Yingnan WANG University of Shenzhen Dr. Charles Chun Che LI
2019-03-03 to 2019-03-06 Mr. Mingzhi YANG Sun-Yat-Sen University Prof. Kwok Wai CHAN
2019-03-01 to 2019-03-31 Prof. Jiaxin HU Tsinghua University Prof. Dejun FENG