Prof. Wai Chee SHIU

Lecturer (Part-time)
Bsc (National Taiwan University), M.Phil (Hong Kong University);
PhD (Hong Kong University)

[Teacher's name in full]
Room 223, Lady Shaw Building,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong,
Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong

(852) 3943-7971

Personal Website:

Fields of Interest:
Graph Theory and Number Theory

Selected Publications:
  1. H. Peng, J. Li and W.C. Shiu, Maximizing the -spectral radius of graphs with given size and diameter, to appear in Linear Algebra Appl., accepted at June 17, 2022.
  2. G.C. Lau, W.C. Shiu and H.K. Ng, On k-super graceful labeling of graphs, to appear in Thai. J. Maths., accepted on June 16, 2022.
  3. Y. Yang, W.C, Shiu, W-F. Wang, M. Chen, A note on the cyclic coloring of plane graphs, to appear in Adv. Math. (China), accepted at May 2022.
  4. G.C. Lau, W.C. Shiu and H.K. Ng, On local antimagic chromatic number of graphs with cut-vertices, to appear in Iran. J. Math. Sci. Inform. (accepted at Feb. 19, 2022).
  5. Z-B. Gao, W.C. Shiu, S-M. Lee, F. Wang and G-Y. Sun, Full edge-friendly index sets of one point union of cycles, to appear in ARS Combin., (2021) (accepted at Dec. 4, 2018).