MATH2020A - Advanced Calculus II - 2020/21

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  • There will be no tutorials in the week of September 7.
  • Course Outline [Download file]
  • Zoom Class: ID 961 3028 0880, Passcode 582638
  • Midterm exam will be held on Oct 26 in the online class. Details to follow later.
  • Midterm will be moved to Oct 28 (Wed) 10:30 to 12:00.
  • TA told me that some of you did not or were late in handing in homwork. Let me remind you homework counts in the final grades. So hand in homework before deadline for your own good.
  • Midterm coverage is 15.1-15.8 in Text and Notes 1-11.
  • There are confusions on Additional Exercises in Assignment 6. I was referring to the Additional and Advanced Exercises on pg 949 of Text. I have asked TA not to count these problems.
  • Those who have trouble attending midterm at 10:30 please email me for nec arrangements.
  • There will be no tutorials in next week.
  • Guidelines for the Midterm [Download file]
  • When the semester is coming to an end and the lectures becoming more theoretical, more questions are expected. I will answer your answers 10 minutes before and after every lecture. Just type in and I will try to answer it.
  • Data on the midterm outcome [Download file]
  • Learn from TA that some of you want solutions to the midterm problems. I just uploaded some.
  • A review sheet on cross product has been uploaded for easy reference.
  • Hand-in for Ex 10, no 8 in 16.5 should be no 48.
  • Final Examination: December 23 12:30-14:30.
  • Differential forms will not be included.

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  • Chan Ki Fung
    • Office: AB1 505
    • Tel: 394 34298
    • Email:
  • Chen Shanjiang
    • Office: LSB 222A
    • Tel: 3943 3575
    • Email:

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