MATH3060 - Mathematical Analysis III - 2019/20

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  • Course Outline [Download file]
  • The midterm will be held on Oct 18 (Friday).
  • The midterm will cover chapters 1 and 2.
  • Chapter 3 has been updated up to p.16. I have removed the discussion on the operator norm. (November 2)
  • Midterm exam: Mean 57, SD 22. Model solution will be posed in this weekend.
  • Final Exam will be on Dec 16. There will be special tutorials to help you to review beginning from the end of November.
  • Chapter 3 has been finally updated (Nov 8).
  • Chapter 3 has been revised by adding a new Proposition 3.12. This proposition is used in Chapter 4.
  • Once somebody in class asked me a question on trigonometric series. Let me tell him here that the answer to his question can be found on page 182, Zygmund's Trigonometric Series.
  • Since there will be no final exam, the grade scheme has been adjusted to: Midterm exam 72%, Assignemnts 28%.
  • An oral exam will be given to those who did not perform well. If you don't get the message, that means you are safe.
  • There may be some university-wide policy concerning the final grade, please keep an eye on it.
  • The remaining Assignments 10 and 11 have been uploaded together with solutions. Hope it helps your self-study.
  • To facilitate your self-study on the remaining assignments, the corresponding tutorial notes have been uploaded for your information.

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