UGEB2460 - Appreciation of Mathematics - 2018/19

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General Information


  • Cheung Leung Fu
    • Office: LSB209
    • Tel: 39437961
    • Email:

Time and Venue

  • Lecture: T7-9
  • Tutorial: N.A.

Course Description

The course UGEB2460 is an "appreciation" course on mathematics. As such, its emphasis is on the "appreciation" aspect and not on the detailed technicalities of mathematics. The course is designed for all students, except those majoring in Mathematics, Mathematics Education and Mathematics and Information Engineering.

In this course, we outline through everyday examples how mathematics shapes our contemporary world. These examples are based on simple, yet clever ideas which can be explained to the widest audience.

It is hoped that through the course, students can get a feeling of "how mathematics works". We will look at selected examples from mobile phones, from GPS, computer graphics, ATM machines, voting systems, forensic detection of accounting forgery, computer graphics, Escher's paintings, quasi-crystals, world atlas construction etc.


  • No textbook (notes will be handed in to the class during lectures)

Lecture Notes

Tutorial Notes

Quizzes and Exams

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Assessment Scheme

Class Work (essay)  10%
Presentation  10%
Homework  30%
Final Exam/Essay 50%

Honesty in Academic Work

The Chinese University of Hong Kong places very high importance on honesty in academic work submitted by students, and adopts a policy of zero tolerance on cheating and plagiarism. Any related offence will lead to disciplinary action including termination of studies at the University. Although cases of cheating or plagiarism are rare at the University, everyone should make himself / herself familiar with the content of the following website:

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Assessment Policy

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