MATH5012 - Real Analysis II - 2016/17

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  • Course outline [Download file]
  • I just learned that the next board meeting will be held on Jan 20 afternoon. We wiill cancel our next meeting accordingly. The meeting will be re-scheduled later.
  • On a second thought the board meeting starts at 2:30. Here is my proposal: We start at 1:30 and end at 3:00 and prolong the third lecture by 45 min. If I don't hear from you I will go ahead with this proposal next Friday.
  • There will be no class on Jan 27(Fri). We will meet at 1:30 on Feb 3(Fri).
  • I have revised Chapter 6.
  • We will meet at 2pm on Feb 10.
  • From now on all meetings start at 2pm.
  • No assignment this week.
  • I have revised Chapter 7. Very few changes.
  • We will meet on Monday (April 10) at Rm 218 from 4-6:15 pm.

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