Hypocoercivity for a nonlinear generation-recombination model

Wednesday, 8 February, 2023 - 15:00 - 16:00
Seminar Type: 
Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminar
Speaker Name: 
Prof. Marlies PIRNER
University of M√ľnster, Germany

In this talk, we consider a reaction-kinetic model for a two-species gas mixture undergoing pair generation and recombination reactions on a flat torus. The model describes the evolution of a two species gas mixture, subject to kinetic transport, scattering with a background, a second order pair generation reaction, and its inverse recombination. We are concerned with the question of proving quantitative decay-to-equilibrium results. Our motivation is to carry out first small steps in the directions of proving such quantitative decay-to-equilibrium results not only for linear equations but for nonlinear kinetic models without smallness assumptions. The exponential decay to equilibrium is proven for the kinetic model by hypocoercivity estimates. The analysis profits from uniform bounds of the solution in terms of the equilibrium velocity distribution.

This is joint work with Christian Schmeiser (University of Vienna) and Gianluca Favre (University of L'Aquila).

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