Prof. Xu YUAN

Research Assistant Professor
B.S. (Wuhan University);
M.S. (Université Paris-Saclay);
Ph.D. (École Polytechnique)

[Teacher's name in full]
Room 237A, Lady Shaw Building ,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong,
Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong

(852) 3943-5139

Fields of Interest:
Nonlinear dispersive and wave equations

Selected Publications:
  1. Long-time Asymptotics of the one-dimensional damped nonlinear Klein-Gordon equation (with Raphaël Côte and Yvan Martel), Arch. Ration. Mech. Anal, 2021.

  2. Description and classification of 2-solitary waves for nonlinear damped Klein-Gordon equations (with Raphaël Côte, Yvan Martel and Lifeng Zhao), Comm. Math. Phys, 2021.

  3. Construction of excited multi-solitons for the focusing 4D cubic wave equation, J. Funct. Anal, 2022.


Course Code Course Title Academic Year Term
MATH4220 Partial Differential Equations 2022/23 2
MATH4220 Partial Differential Equations 2021/22 2