Graduate Division: Arrangement for Late Drop and One-off Pass/Fail Grading Option for Postgraduate Courses in Term 1, 2019-20

Date Posted: 
6 December, 2019
  1. Postgraduate students who have taken undergraduate courses can refer to the announcement about the arrangements for undergraduate courses on the webpage of the Registration and Examinations Section (RES) of the Registry (
  2. Late Drop of Courses
    In consideration of the programme nature and the study progress of respective postgraduate students, applications for late drop will therefore continue to be handled on a case-by-case basis according to the existing procedure, i.e., the student to submit a written request for endorsement of the Graduate Division concerned and approval by the Dean of the Graduate School. Students are reminded that dropping of courses can affect academic progression (e.g., one course being the prerequisite for another yet to be taken, postponement of the expected graduation date, etc.).
  3. One-off Pass/Fail Option for Grading Basis for Some Postgraduate Courses
    Students who have taken Term 1 courses can opt for the Pass/Fail grading by submitting a completed Option Form [available for download on Graduate School webpage (] to reach the Graduate School on or before 13 December 2019. Late submission will not be accepted. No changes will be allowed after receipt of an application. Students who do not submit an Option Form by the said deadline will remain to be graded according to the original grading basis for the courses concerned. The said option is not available for Term 1 courses with grades already released.