FAQ's concerned with MATH2050 and MATH2060 in 2017-18

Date Posted: 
9 June, 2017

To: ALL MATH and potential-MATH students

There will be some changes in the arrangements of MATH2050 and MATH2060 which may have some impact on your study plan.

  1. What is the course offering pattern in 2017-18?
    • Two sections of MATH2050 (Sections A, B) are offered in the first semester 2017-18, and one (Section C) is offered in the second semester.
    • Two sections of MATH2060 (Sections A, B) are offered in the second semester.
  2. What is the importance of MATH2050 being a PRE-REQUISITE for MATH2060?
    • If you intend to take MATH2060 in the second semester 2017-18, your CUSIS record MUST indicate a pass grade in MATH2050 prior to the beginning of the semester.
  3. Can I register for MATH2060 in the second semester 2017-18 while taking MATH2050 in the first semester?
    • Yes, CUSIS will allow you to register for MATH2060 in November 2017. However, this does not guarantee your taking MATH2060 unless you pass MATH2050.
  4. What if I then fail MATH2050?
    • You will be automatically dropped from MATH2060. In this situation, you will be formally notified by the department prior to the commencement of the second semester 2017-18. You may apply to take MATH2050C.
  5. I am going for exchange in the first semester 2017-18. Can I replace MATH2050 by a course taken at another institution, and still register for MATH2060 in the second semester?
    • You may experience some difficulty in taking MATH2060, due to the longer time for the processing of CUSIS record.