Honours courses MATH1018-MATH1038 (First Semester 2020-21) for Broadbase Science freshmen from Gaokao

Application period: 2020-08-25 09:00 to 2020-08-28 13:00

Introductory note

MATH1018 and MATH1038 are intended for MATH students. Enrichment entrants are automatically registered to the classes. If you are a Broadbase Science entrant and have decided to declare for MATH, you are encouraged to register for these two courses simultaneously because:

  1. The treatment in these courses will be adapted to your future needs in the MATH programme.
  2. This will align yourself to the recommended study pattern in the MATH programme, and pave the way to further Honours courses in the MATH programme.

(If you have not decided to declare for MATH, we suggest you leave this page.)


You are eligible for taking MATH1018 and MATH1038 if you have obtained 90% or above in Gaokao Mathematics.

Application Procedure

  1. Check whether you are eligible for taking MATH1018 and MATH1038. (See above.)
  2. Complete the application form below.
  3. Check your CWEM account for the application result at 1500hrs on 28th August 2020.
  4. Check your CUSIS course registration record to see whether everything is correct during Week 0 of the semester. (Presumably the timeslots `Mondays 1030-1215hrs, Mondays 1430-1615hrs, Thursdays 1430-1815hrs’ should be occupied by MATH1018 and MATH1038.)


  1. You should register for both MATH1018 and MATH1038, or neither. If you drop one of MATH1018 and MATH1038, the other course will be automatically dropped.
  2. If you have not decided whether to become a MATH major, and you intend to take MATH1010 and/or MATH1030, you should leave this page and go to CUSIS for registration for MATH1010, MATH1030.

Further enquiries?

If you have any further enquiries, write to dept@math.cuhk.edu.hk.

*All fields are mandatory.

Furthermore, by submitting this application, I understand that I am indicating:

  • my decision to declare for MATH, and
  • my willingness to take both MATH1010 and MATH1030 in Term 1, in accordance to the recommended study pattern in the MATH programme.

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