Social Network Analysis in Practice

Course Description: 

Social Networks are commonly found in our modern society. Social network (SN) models include, for example, the World-Wide Web, Homophily, Link Analysis, Web Search, the Spread of Information and Disease, and Consumer Behavior. Each topic is linked to a solid mathematical model. This course will explore quantitative methods for analyzing social networks, giving equal attention to traditionally important topics and to up-to-date developments. Throughout this course, students will learn how the models can be constructed and solved; how the solutions can be interpreted in layman terms. Students will be able to develop their analytical competence and skills through critical information gathering and use critical thinking on how these SN models match and reflect reality. This will help them should they decide to proceed further in SN studies.

Not for Mathematics Majors; Mathematics and Information Engineering (MAIE and MIEG) Majors; Mathematics and Mathematics Education (BMED) Majors. Co-requisite: UGFH1000 or UGFN1000 (only applicable to students admitted to the 4-year curriculum)

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