Course Catalog

Course Code Course Name
MMAT5011 Analysis II
MMAT5020 Algebra and Geometry
MMAT5021 Differential and Algebraic Methods in Geometry
MMAT5030 Fourier Analysis
MMAT5110 Topics in Number Theory
MMAT5120 Topics in Geometry
MMAT5130 Topics in Differential Equations
MMAT5140 Probability Theory
MMAT5210 Discrete Mathematics
MMAT5220 Complex Analysis and Its Applications
MMAT5230 Mathematics for Logistics
MMAT5240 Optimization and Modeling
MMAT5250 Financial Mathematics
MMAT5260 Calculus of Variations
MMAT5270 Introduction to Inverse Problems
MMAT5310 Financial Analytics
MMAT5320 Computational Mathematics
MMAT5330 Econometric Principles and Data Analysis
MMAT5340 Probability and Stochastic Analysis
MMAT5350 Coding Theory
MMAT5360 Game Theory
MMAT5370 Social and Economic Networks: Theory, Modelling and Computations
MMAT5380 Graph Theory and Networks
MMAT5390 Mathematical Image Processing
MMAT5391 Mathematical Theories of Machine Learning
MMAT5392 Mathematical Principles of Artificial Intelligence
MMAT5410 Guided Studies I
MMAT5420 Guided Studies II
MMAT5430 Graduate Seminar I
MMAT5440 Graduate Seminar II
MMAT5510 Foundation of Advanced Mathematics
MMAT5520 Differential Equation and Linear Algebra
MMAT5530 Finite Mathematics and Mathematical Programming
MMAT5540 Advanced Geometry
MMAT5610 Introduction to Combinatorics
MMAT5620 Mathematics Enhancement for Teachers
SAYT1114 Number Theory and Cryptography
SAYT1134 Towards Differential Geometry
SAYT1214 Understanding Non-Euclidean Geometry
UGEB2460 Appreciation of Mathematics