MATH2020B - Advanced Calculus II - 2022/23

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  • There will be no tutorials in the first week.
  • The first two homework will not be counted in the final grades.
  • The course outline [Download file]
  • You should submit your assignments via Gradescope. Add this course using the entry code : 3J2R4Y
  • Quiz 1 will be held on Feb 10 (Fri) in class. Coverage: 15.1, 15.2, and 15.3.
  • Midterm Exam will be held on March 3 (Fri) in class. Coverage:15.1-15.7.
  • Midterm solution. A correction: In no 1, 3 and -3 should be replaced by \sqrt{3} and \sqrt{-3} respectively.
  • Midterm Exam results: mean 50, SD 22, max 83, min 10.
  • You may come to my office to take a look at your paper before or after class. Or make an appointment with me.
  • Quiz 2 to be held on Friday (March 31) last half hour of lecture.
  • It covers 15.8, 16.1 and 16.2.
  • Special tutorials: April 14 and 21, Friday, 11;30-12;30.
  • These tutorials are to assist those who did not do well in the midterm exam.
  • Venue: Rm 219, LSB.
  • 1st Special Tutorial will cover Change of Variables Formula, line integral of functions and vector fields.
  • 2nd Special Tutorial will cover Green's theorem, and multiple integrals.
  • Coverage of Final Exam. Since exam will be held a few days after the last lecture, I will restrict the coverage of the exam in a reasonable way.
  • The exam covers chapters 15 and 16 in Text, except 15.6 (moments and center of masses), 15.8 (skip the change of variables formula for triple integrals), 16.5 (skip implicit surfaces), 16.7 (skip the discussion after Example 7), and 16.8 (skipped).
  • No lecture notes to be posted this time.
  • Solution to Ex 11 will be posted on April 24 (Mon)

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