MATH1030T1 - Linear Algebra I - 2020/21

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  • General Information [Download file]
  • Assessment Scheme [Download file]
  • Instructions on submission of work [Download file]
  • Tutorial arrangements (Schedules and ZOOM links): Go to `blackboard' site common to MATH1030A/B/C
  • Course material (for example, tutorial sheets and assignment sheets) common to all sections: Go to `blackboard' site common to MATH1030A/B/C
  • Submission of course work for assessment: Go to `blackboard' site common to MATH1030A/B/C
  • TA consultation hours: Refer to `General Information'. [Download file]

General Information

Time and Venue

  • Lecture: MATH1030A (Dr Shiu's class): Tuesdays 1330-1415hrs, Thursdays 1230-1415hrs. MATH1030B (Dr Fong's class): Wednesdays 1030-1215hrs, Fridays 1030-1115hrs. MATH1030C (Prof McBreen's class): Tuesdays 0830-1015hrs, Thursdays 1530-1615hrs.
  • Tutorial: Tuesdays 1430-1515hrs, Wednesdays 0930-1015hrs, Thursdays 1430-1515hrs, Fridays 0930-1015hrs.

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