MATH1030E - Linear Algebra I - 2019/20

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  • General information [Download file]
  • Midterm exam: on ONE of the following days: Mar, 3, 4 or 5, 7:30-9:30PM. The date will be fixed later.
  • Final exam: TBA
  • First meeting: 17:30 - 18:15, 7th of January, 2020.
  • Detailed Information: MATH1030D
  • For students that have already enrolled in the class or still in that waiting list, if you have any legitimate reason not being able to attend the midterms scheduled as above, please let us know before Jan 12(Sun), 8:00pm We won't change the midterm time after that. You should E-mail Charles Li if there is any time conflict.
  • Zoom Meeting: The link is here. The Meeting-ID and Password are in the General Information file. The meeting time is the course time, namely every Tuesday 17:30-18:15 and every Thursday 14:30-16:00.


  • Beezer, A first course in Linear algebra, Ver 3.5, can be downloaded here

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