MATH5061 - Riemannian Geometry I - 2017/18

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General Information


  • WAN, Yau Heng Tom
    • Office: LSB 215
    • Tel: 3943 7986
    • Email:

Time and Venue

  • Lecture: Monday 9:30am -12:15pm, LSB222

Course Description

This course is intended to provide a solid background in Riemannian Geometry. Topics include: affine connection, tensor calculus, Riemannian metric, geodesics, curvature tensor, completeness and some global theory. Students taking this course are expected to have knowledge in differential geometry of curves and surfaces.


  • S. Gallot, D. Hulin, J. Lafontaine, "Riemannian Geometry", 3rd Ed., Springer
  • J. Jost, "Riemannian Geometry and Geometric Analysis", 2nd Ed., Springer
  • I. Chavel, "Riemannian Geometry - A Modern Introduction", Cambridge
  • 伍鴻熙,沈純理,虞言林,《黎曼幾何初步》,北京大學出版社

Lecture Notes

Assessment Scheme

Final exam (Apr 23, 2018) 100%

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