MATH4900C - Seminar - 2015/16

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  • First organizational meeting: Sept 14 (Mon)
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  • Thomas Kwok-keung AU
    • Office: LSB 213
    • Tel: 3943 7981
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    • Office Hours: By appointment

Course Description

This course is a capstone course of the undergraduate Mathematics major curriculum. It is a requirement of the University that every undergraduate major programme should have such a course. Capstone is the last piece of stone to put on a building or a structure. It indicates the completion of a project.

However, our undergraduate curriculum can only be seen as a small building within a vast architecture. Therefore, while we close a chapter, we turn to a new leaf. The Mathematics Department has designed MATH4900 to entail the use of the knowledge in our undergraduate curriculum; as well as to open up directions.

This section will be conducted in a seminar fashion with a theme called "Some Geometry, some Topology, a little Analysis". As announced, topics are on the interface of geometry and topology with perhaps analysis or algebra involved, which may include discussion of area and congruence, various meanings of dimensions, some interesting theorems in geometry or topology.

Students are expected to actively participate in the process of literature fi nding and research, in preparation and presentation, in setting questions and peer reviewing, and in group work.


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