Course Catalog

Course Code Course Name
MATH1010 University Mathematics
MATH1018 Honours University Mathematics
MATH1020 General Mathematics
MATH1030 Linear Algebra I
MATH1038 Honours Linear Algebra I
MATH1050 Foundation of Modern Mathematics
MATH1058 Honours Foundation of Modern Mathematics
MATH1510 Calculus for Engineers
MATH1520 University Mathematics for Applications
MATH1530 Basic Mathematics for Business and Social Sciences
MATH1540 University Mathematics for Financial Studies
MATH1550 Methods of Matrices and Linear Algebra
MATH2010 Advanced Calculus I
MATH2018 Honours Advanced Calculus I
MATH2020 Advanced Calculus II
MATH2028 Honours Advanced Calculus II
MATH2040 Linear Algebra II
MATH2048 Honours Linear Algebra II
MATH2050 Mathematical Analysis I
MATH2055 Introduction to Analysis
MATH2058 Honours Mathematical Analysis I
MATH2060 Mathematical Analysis II
MATH2068 Honours Mathematical Analysis II
MATH2070 Algebraic Structures
MATH2078 Honours Algebraic Structures
MATH2083 Essential Mathematical Methods I
MATH2093 Essential Mathematical Methods II
MATH2210 Mathematics Laboratory I
MATH2221 Mathematics Laboratory II
MATH2230 Complex Variables with Applications
MATH2510 Linear Algebra and Applications
MATH2530 Advanced Calculus (I) for Physical Science and Engineering
MATH2530 Advanced Calculus I for Physical Science and Engineering
MATH2550 Quantitative Methods for Earth and Environmental Sciences
MATH2911 Programming for Mathematics
MATH3010 Higher Geometry
MATH3030 Abstract Algebra
MATH3040 Fields and Galois Theory
MATH3060 Mathematical Analysis III
MATH3070 Introduction to Topology