Alumni in Academia

English Name Degrees obtained Current and previous positions
Yi Ran HE BSc (Sichuan Normal University, 1995), MPhil (Sichuan Normal University, 1998), PhD (CUHK, 2001) Distinguished Professor and Former Dean of School of Mathematics and Software Sciences, Director of Office of Scientific Research (Sichuan Normal University)
Ching Wei HO BSc (CUHK, 2013), MPhil (University of California, San Diego, 2015), PhD (University of California, San Diego, 2018) Assistant Research Fellow (Institute of Mathematics, Academia Sinica)
Chor Yin HO BSc (CUHK), MPhil (CUHK), PhD (CUHK) Instructor (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
Hon Ming HO PhD (CUHK, 2004) Lecturer (Hong Kong University of Science & Technology)
Lop Fat HO BSc (CUHK, 1975), MPhil (CUHK, 1977), PhD (University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1981) Associate Professor Emeritus (Wright State University)
Lop Hing HO BSc (CUHK, 1979), PhD (Princeton University, 1984) Associate Professor (Wichita State University)
Pak Tung HO BSc (Hong Kong Baptist University, 2002), MPhil (CUHK, 2004), PhD (Purdue University, 2010) Associate Professor (Sogang University)
Shu Yu HSU MPhil (University of Wisconsin–Madison, 1995), PhD (CUHK, 1999) Professor (National Chung-Cheng University)
Shaochuang HUANG BSc (Shantou University, 2011), MPhil (CUHK, 2013), PhD (CUHK, 2016) Assistant Professor (Southern University of Science and Technology)
Xiangdi HUANG BSc (University of Science and Technology of China, 2004), PhD (CUHK, 2009) Associate Professor (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Yongdong HUANG BSc (East China Normal University, 1997), MPhil (CUHK, 2003), PhD (CUHK, 2007) Associate Professor (Jinan University)
Chun Yin HUI BSc (CUHK, 2006), MPhil (CUHK, 2008), PhD (Indiana University, 2013) Associate Professor (University of Hong Kong)
Po Keung HUI BSc (CUHK, 1985), PhD (SUNY-Binghamton) Adjunct Associate Professor (Lingnan University)
Yer Van HUI BSc (CUHK, 1976), MSIE (Texas Tech University), PhD (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1980) Provost and Vice-President (Hang Seng University of Hong Kong)
Bangti JIN BEng (Zhejiang University, 2002), MPhil (Zhejiang University, 2005), PhD (CUHK, 2008) Professor and Global STEM Scholar (CUHK)
Xiao-qing JIN BSc (Nanjing Normal University, 1982), MPhil (CUHK, 1986), PhD (HKU, 1992) Distinguished Professor (University of Macau)
Shengli KONG Bsc (Fudan University, 1992), PhD (CUHK, 1997), PhD (Northeastern University, 2003) Associate Professor (Anhui University)
Wah Kwan KU BSc (CUHK, 2002), MPhil (CUHK, 2004), PhD (Indiana University, 2011) Assistant Professor (University of the Incarnate Word)
Kwok Kun KWONG BSc (CUHK, 2006), MPhil (CUHK, 2008), PhD (CUHK, 2011) Lecturer (University of Wollongong)
Chun Kit LAI BSc (CUHK, 2007), MPhil (CUHK, 2009), PhD (CUHK, 2012) Assistant Professor (San Francisco State University)
Chi Yeung LAM BSc (CUHK, 2012), MPhil (CUHK, 2014), PhD (CUHK, 2017) Visiting Assistant Professor (Michigan State University)
Ka Chun LAM BSc (CUHK, 2011), MPhil (CUHK, 2013), PhD (CUHK, 2016) von Karman Postdoctoral Instructor (California Institute of Technology)
King Yeung LAM BSc (CUHK, 2006), PhD (University of Minnesota-Minneapolis, 2011) Associate Professor (Ohio State University)
Kwan Hang LAM BSc (CUHK, 1999), MPhil (CUHK, 2001), PhD (University of California, Irvine, 2007) Professor of Mathematics-Liberal Arts (Savannah College of Art and Design)
Wai Kit LAM BSc (CUHK, 2011), MPhil (CUHK, 2013), PhD (Indiana University, 2018) Dunham Jackson Assistant Professor (University of Minnesota)
Chi Hin LAU BSc (CUHK, 1994), MPhil (CUHK, 1997), PhD (HKU) Lecturer (CUHK)
Ka Sing LAU BSc (CUHK, 1968), PhD (University of Washington, 1972) Deceased, Former Emeritus Professor & Former Department Head (CUHK)
Siu Cheong LAU BSc (CUHK, 2005), MPhil (CUHK, 2007), PhD (CUHK, 2011) Associate Professor (Boston University)
Tai Shing LAU BSc (CUHK, 1974), MPhil (CUHK, 1977) Retired Associate Professor (CUHK)
Chun Kong LAW BSc (CUHK, 1982), MPhil (CUHK, 1987), PhD (University of Pittsburgh, 1992) Professor and Former Chairman (National Sun Yat-sen University)
Chak Shing LEE BSc (CUHK, 2009), MPhil (CUHK, 2011), PhD (Texas A&M University, 2016) Research Scientist (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
Kim Hung LEE BSc (CUHK, 1976), MPhil (CUHK, 1978), PhD (University of Chicago, 1985) Retired Professor (CUHK)
Man Chun LEE BSc (CUHK, 2013), MPhil (CUHK, 2015), PhD (CUHK, 2018) Assistant Professor (CUHK)
Sik Yum LEE BSc (CUHK, 1972), PhD (UCLA, 1977) Deceased, Former Emeritus Professor (CUHK)
Yin Tat LEE BSc (CUHK, 2012), PhD (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2016) Assistant Professor (University of Washington)
Chi Wai LEUNG BSc (CUHK, 1985), MPhil (CUHK, 1987), PhD (University of Manchester) Associate Professor (CUHK)
King Shun LEUNG BSc (CUHK, 1984), MSc (CUHK, 1998), PhD (CUHK, 2004) Assistant Professor (Education University of Hong Kong)
Conan Nai Chung LEUNG MSc (University of California, San Diego), PhD (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1993) Professor (CUHK)
Pui Lam LEUNG BSc (CUHK, 1980), PhD (University of Michigan, 1986) Retired Professor (CUHK)
Wing Tat LEUNG BSc (CUHK, 2010), MPhil (CUHK, 2012), PhD (Texas A&M University, 2017) Visiting Assistant Professor (University of California, Irvine)
Changzheng LI BSc (University of Science and Technology of China, 2003), MPhil (CUHK, 2005), PhD (CUHK, 2009) Professor (Sun-Yat-Sen University)
Cheuk Ting LI BSc & BEng (CUHK, 2012), MS (Stanford University, 2014), PhD (Stanford University, 2018) Assistant Professor (CUHK)
Charles Chun Che LI BSc (CUHK, 1995), PhD (UCLA, 2001) Lecturer (CUHK)
Chun Wah LI BSc (CUHK, 1977), PhD (University of Maryland) Associate Professor (City University of Hong Kong)
Guoyin LI PhD (CUHK, 2007) Australian Research Council Future Fellow & Associate Professor (University of New South Wales)
Jianlin LI BSc (Shaanxi Baoji University of Arts and Sciences, 1984), MSc (Jiangxi Normal University, 1987), PhD (CUHK, 2004) Professor (Shaanxi Normal University)
Jing LI BSc (Xiamen University, 1993), MSc (Xiamen University, 1996), PhD (CUHK, 2004) Professor (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Jingzhi LI BSc (Wuhan University, 2001), MSc (Wuhan University, 2004), PhD (CUHK, 2009) Professor (Southern University of Science and Technology)
Jinkai LI BSc (Jilin University, 2006), MSc (Jilin University, 2008), PhD (CUHK, 2013) Professor (South China Normal University)
Martin Man Chun LI BSc (CUHK, 2006), PhD (Stanford University, 2011) Associate Professor (CUHK)