Alumni in Academia

English Name Degrees obtained Current post Institute
Ka Ho WU BSc (CUHK) ,PhD (University of Alberta) Associate Professor CUHK
Jingjing XIAO PhD (CUHK) Lecturer CUHK
Chunjing XIE PhD (CUHK) Associate Professor Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Feng XIE PhD (CUHK) Professor Shanghai Jiaotong University
Jianli XIE PhD (CUHK) Associate Professor Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Yifeng XU PhD (CUHK) Associate Professor Shanghai Normal University
Wei YAN PhD (CUHK) Associate Professor Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics
Wei-Hong YANG PhD (CUHK) Professor Fudan University
Shing Tung YAU PhD (University of California, Berkeley) Distinguished Professor-at-Large, Director, Full Professor CUHK, Harvard University
Stephen Shing-Toung YAU PhD (State University of New York at Stony Brook) UIC Distinguished Professor University of Illinois at Chicago
Mao YE Full Professor Southwest Jiaotong University
Yuanling YE PhD (CUHK) Professor South China Normal University
Le YIN PhD (CUHK) Lecturer Shenzhen University
Andy Ming Ham YIP BSc (CUHK) ,PhD (University of California, Los Angeles) Lecturer Hong Kong Baptist University
Chengjie YU PhD (CUHK) Professor Shantou University
Rongfeng YU Postdoc Chinese Academy of Sciences
Wai Kuen YU BSc (CUHK) Associate Professor Chu Hai College of Higher Education
Po Lam YUNG BSc (CUHK) ,PhD (Princeton University) Assistant Professor CUHK
Siu Pang YUNG BSc (CUHK) ,PhD (University of Wisconsin-Madison) Associate Professor Hong Kong University
Aibin ZANG PhD (CUHK) Full Professor Yichun University
Rui ZANG Associate Professor and Vice Chairman Northeast Forestry University
Huihui ZENG PhD (CUHK) Associate Professor Tsinghua University
Hai ZHANG Assistant Professor Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Jiajing ZHANG Professor Sichuan University
Kai ZHANG PhD (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) Professor Jilin University
Xiao ZHANG PhD (CUHK) Full Professor Chinese Academy of Sciences
Yi ZHANG PhD (CUHK) Professor Fudan University
Yubo ZHAO Associate Professor, and Director of Product and Engineering Simulation Laboratory Chinese Academy of Sciences
Xi-Yin ZHENG Distinguished Professor Yunnan University
Xin ZHONG PhD (CUHK) Postdoc Chinese Academy of Sciences
Hao-Min ZHOU PhD (University of California, Los Angeles) Professor Georgia Institute of Technology
Yong ZHOU PhD (CUHK) Full Professor Shanghai University of Finance and Economic