Academic Visitors

Every year, scholars from different parts of the world come to our Department and the Institute of Mathematical Sciences. Their active participation and provision of expertise in our seminars, courses and other academic events have contributed substantially to our Department’s research and academic programmes.

Duration Name Affiliation Host
2018-12-04 to 2018-12-07 Prof. Xiaoqing JIN University of Macau Prof. Raymond Honfu CHAN
2018-12-03 to 2018-12-11 Prof. Olof WIDLUND New York University Prof. Raymond Honfu CHAN
2018-12-03 to 2018-12-09 Prof. Michael Hintermueller Humboldt University of Berlin Prof. Raymond Honfu CHAN
2018-12-03 to 2018-12-05 Prof. Weixi LI Wuhan University Prof. Renjun DUAN
2018-12-02 to 2018-12-09 Prof. Luigi BRUGNANO Universita di Firenze Prof. Raymond Honfu CHAN
2018-12-01 to 2019-01-28 Ms. Guofeng CHE Central South University Prof. Tieyong ZENG
2018-12-01 to 2018-12-09 Prof. Ke CHEN University of Liverpool Prof. Raymond Honfu CHAN
2018-12-01 to 2018-12-07 Prof. Esmond G. NG Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Prof. Raymond Honfu CHAN
2018-11-29 to 2018-12-09 Prof. Kwai Lam WONG University of Tennessee, Knoxville Prof. Raymond Honfu CHAN
2018-11-29 to 2018-12-02 Prof. Ngai-Ching WONG National Sun Yat-sen University Prof. Chi Wai LEUNG
2018-11-29 to 2018-11-30 Prof. Ming YAN Michigan State University Prof. Tieyong ZENG
2018-11-28 to 2018-12-01 Dr. Ran TAO Sichuan Normal University Prof. Zhongtao WU
2018-11-23 to 2018-11-30 Prof. Yong WANG Chinese Academy of Sciences Prof. Renjun DUAN
2018-11-15 Prof. Laurent Pierre Daniel DESVILLETTES Universite Paris Diderot Prof. Renjun DUAN
2018-11-14 to 2018-11-18 Prof. Lingbing HE Tsinghua University Prof. Tieyong ZENG
2018-11-12 Prof. Yi NI California Institute of Technology Prof. Zhongtao WU
2018-11-12 Prof. Jose Antonio CARRILLO DE LA PLATA Imperial College London Prof. Renjun DUAN
2018-11-08 to 2018-11-17 Prof. Pavel ZORIN-KRANICH University of Bonn Prof. Po Lam YUNG
2018-11-05 to 2018-11-09 Dr. Yat Hin SUEN IBS Center for Geometry and Physics Prof. Kwok Wai CHAN
2018-11-04 to 2018-11-08 Prof. Dr. Daniel PETERSEIM University of Augsburg Prof. Eric Tsz Shun CHUNG