Academic Visitors

Every year, scholars from different parts of the world come to our Department and the Institute of Mathematical Sciences. Their active participation and provision of expertise in our seminars, courses and other academic events have contributed substantially to our Department’s research and academic programmes.

Duration Name Affiliation Host
2019-11-12 to 2019-11-19 Dr. Yulong ZHOU Sun Yat-Sen University Prof. Tieyong ZENG
2019-11-05 to 2019-11-11 Mr. Yuxiang HUI Tsinghua University Prof. Tieyong ZENG
2019-11-04 to 2019-11-14 Dr. Bang-Xian HAN Technion-Israel Institute of Technology Prof. Guohuan QIU
2019-11-04 to 2019-11-06 Mr. Zongguang LI South China University of Technology Prof. Renjun DUAN
2019-10-28 to 2019-11-03 Prof. Julien CLAISSE Université PARIS - DAUPHINE Prof. Xiaolu TAN
2019-10-27 to 2019-11-07 Dr. Fabio TONINI Universitá degli Studi di Firenze Prof. Lei ZHANG
2019-10-27 to 2019-11-04 Dr. Valentina DI PROIETTO University of Exeter Prof. Lei ZHANG
2019-10-25 to 2019-11-01 Prof. Xin LIU Chinese Academy of Sciences Prof. Tieyong ZENG
2019-10-14 to 2019-10-19 Prof. Junxiong JIA Xi'an Jiaotong University Prof. Guohuan QIU
2019-10-07 to 2019-10-19 Prof. Faming FANG East China Normal University Prof. Tieyong ZENG
2019-10-06 to 2019-10-12 Mr. Chengze DUAN University of Maryland Prof. Xuhua HE
2019-10-02 to 2019-10-05 Prof. Shuangqian LIU Jinan Univesity Prof. Renjun DUAN
2019-10-01 to 2019-10-07 Prof. Jingchen HU ShanghaiTech University Prof. Guohuan QIU
2019-09-25 to 2019-12-19 Mr. Jinyu GUO Xiamen Univesrity Prof. Martin Man Chun LI
2019-09-23 to 2019-09-25 Prof. Qin LI Southern University of Science and Technology Prof. Kwok Wai CHAN
2019-09-21 to 2019-09-27 Prof. Huanchen BAO National University of Singapore Prof. Xuhua HE
2019-09-19 to 2019-09-24 Prof. Sian NIE Academy of Mathematics and System Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences Prof. Xuhua HE
2019-09-13 to 2019-12-13 Prof. Chong LI Zhejiang University Prof. Kung Fu NG
2019-09-12 to 2019-09-21 Dr. Yat Hin SUEN Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) Prof. Kwok Wai CHAN
2019-09-03 to 2019-10-31 Mr. Dongcheng YANG South China Normal University Prof. Renjun DUAN