Academic Visitors

Every year, scholars from different parts of the world come to our Department and the Institute of Mathematical Sciences. Their active participation and provision of expertise in our seminars, courses and other academic events have contributed substantially to our Department’s research and academic programmes.

Duration Name Affiliation Host
2019-01-14 to 2019-01-26 Prof. Chin Lung WANG National Taiwan University Prof. Conan Nai Chung LEUNG
2019-01-14 to 2019-01-21 Prof. Qin LI Southern University of Science and Technology Prof. Kwok Wai CHAN
2019-01-11 to 2019-01-17 Ms. Shan ZHANG Tongji University Prof. Eric Tsz Shun CHUNG
2019-01-11 to 2019-01-16 Prof. Yuanyuan BAO University of Tokyo Prof. Zhongtao WU
2019-01-10 to 2019-01-13 Prof. Serena MORIGI University of Bologna
2019-01-10 to 2019-01-13 Prof. Benedetta MORINI Universita Degli Studi
2019-01-10 to 2019-01-13 Prof. Daniela di SERAFINO University of Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli"
2019-01-10 to 2019-01-13 Prof. Marco DONATELLI Universita dell'Insubria
2019-01-10 to 2019-01-13 Prof. Fiorella SGALLARI University of Bologna
2019-01-07 to 2019-01-14 Prof. Yakun XI University of Rochester
2019-01-06 to 2019-01-17 Ms. Mengnan LI Hunan University Prof. Eric Tsz Shun CHUNG
2019-01-04 to 2019-01-10 Prof. Hoang Linh VU VNU University of Science
2019-01-02 to 2019-01-14 Prof. Ying XIONG South China Univesity of Technology Prof. Dejun FENG
2018-12-30 to 2019-01-05 Mr. Yat Hin SUEN IBS Center for Geometry and Physics Prof. Kwok Wai CHAN
2018-12-17 to 2018-12-31 Mr. Pui Tung CHOI Harvard University Prof. Ronald Lok Ming LUI
2018-12-17 to 2018-12-28 Dr. Thomas Kai Sik WONG The Univesity of Melbourne
2018-12-16 to 2018-12-18 Prof. David GABAI Princeton University Prof. Zhongtao WU
2018-12-12 to 2018-12-15 Prof. Changzheng LI Sun Yat-sen University Prof. Kwok Wai CHAN
2018-12-08 to 2018-12-13 Prof. Yi NI Caltech Prof. Zhongtao WU
2018-12-08 Prof. Xavier BRESSON Nanyang Technological University